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  • Around the clock in the skies over the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, helicopters are being flown on and offshore. This shuttling of passengers from land to sea and back again is part of the nonstop 24/7 activities of the Saudi Aramco Aviation Department’s rotor-wing operations. Offshore oil fields, along with the requisite need for operators to run the drilling barges and offshore platforms and ships, present one of the most operationally intensive parts of aviation in the Kingdom. This job takes highly skilled pilots with the ability to navigate and eventually focus on that small spot in the Arabian Gulf, no matter if it is night or day. 

  • The time is 0600. The sun is just beginning to rise and shed its light on the Eastern Province. Many people are just finishing their breakfast and preparing to go to work. But, at Saudi Aramco Aviation at King Fahad International Airport, the day started a long time ago. At 0600, it’s go time! Passengers have boarded one of the six Boeing 737-800s bound for a work location such as Riyadh, Jiddah, Yanbu’, Jazan, Turaif, Ar’ar, Al-Wajh, Al-Hasa, or remote locations such as Shaybah, Haradh, Khurais, Tanajib, Hawtah, and remote pump stations. The engines come to life, the taxi lights are on, and it’s time to depart.

  • At any moment in time over the skies in Saudi Arabia, you can find an aircraft or helicopter in operation. Some are commercial flights taking vacationers home or perhaps to some exotic location. Others are business flights carrying important executives to their next major deal-making opportunity. Today it is easy to take such normal activities for granted. However, not very long ago, this was not the case. The skies were empty and void of anything other than occasional clouds and the distant stars. Then, in 1934, all of this changed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • PGI has partnered with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Asia Pacific University (APU) to train 72 Malaysians as Cyber Security Incident Responders. Two of these will be selected to be given additional trainer training and certified to deliver the course themselves, developing Malaysian cyber security training capability, and enabling PGI Cyber Academy courses to be delivered cost-effectively to trainees across Southeast Asia.

  • A career change is a big step, but many military personnel around the world take that step every day. There are many reasons why and it’s different for each person. But, whatever the reason, it’s important to choose the next career carefully to ensure ongoing personal and professional growth.

    At PGI, we’re proud to see many ex-force personnel move into a career in cyber security, particularly as the demand for cyber security specialists is at an all-time high. We’re even prouder to have helped several through our Cyber Retraining Programme.

  • What would we do without the internet while we’re abroad? Whether it’s looking up directions to the next meeting or trying to find the best place to stop for lunch, we’re always connected.


    Business travellers can be up against some unique cyber threats, as our devices—smartphones, laptops and tablets—are often the gateways to sensitive business information.

  • Are you ready to be hacked?

    06 Nov 2018 Protection Group International Protection Group International Ltd - PGI

    These days, every organisation is a potential cyber-attack target. Hackers could be trying to get hold of sensitive data, access a customer or supplier, infiltrate the organisation’s activities, or just have a bit of fun.


    As scary as it sounds, once we accept that one day we will be attacked, it makes sense for us to be prepared for what we’ll do when we are breached.

  • As the national university of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the university has a mandate to lead the nation in terms of human capital development, leading innovation, contributing to economic development and leading society. 

    Technology and the rapidly changing external environment, which is transforming teaching and research, are challenging the traditional view of the university. Students and wider society require year round access to high quality courses and flexible modes of delivery. The economic context of the GCC and challenges that we currently face of growing the private sector are also challenges that the University of Bahrain must respond to through focusing on producing a high quality and skilled workforce and the next generation of leaders. 

  • Ebrahim K. Kanoo B.S.C. (c), the diversified business conglomerate, is participating in the fifth edition of the biennial Bahrain International Airshow (BIAS) taking place from November 14 to 16, at the Sakhir Airbase. The company will be represented by its subsidiary Kanoo Automotive & Industrial Equipment (KAIE) to showcase its range of airport ground and terminal hall services.

  • شاركت إبراهيم خليل كانو، الشركة الرائدة في قطاعات عدة مُمثلة بشركة كانو لمعدات المركبات والمعدات الصناعية ((KAIE،في النسخة الخامسة من معرض البحرين الدولي للطيران الذي ينعقد كل سنتين بشكل دوري. ومن المقرر أن تقوم شركة كانو لمعدات المركبات والمعدات الصناعية (KAIE) باستعراض مجموعتها الواسعة من  المنتجات المستخدمة في عمليات المناولة الأرضية في المطارات خلال المعرض الذي سيقام في قاعة الصخير الجوية في الفترة من 14 إلى 16 نوفمبر

  • FAI welcomes first Challenger 850

    24 Oct 2018 Emerald Media: Liz Danner/Alison Chambers FAI rent-a-jet AG

    About FAI Aviation Group

    FAI Group operates Germany's largest fleet of business jets and utilized ca. 13,000 hours of air time in 2017. FAI´s group fleet of 24 jet aircraft and one turboprop includes six Bombardier Global Express, five Bombardier Challenger 604s, one Challenger 850, 11 Learjet 60 plus one Premier 1A and one King Air 350. Headquartered at Albrecht Duerer Intl. Airport in Nuremberg, Germany, FAI runs a 14,000 m² carbon neutral FBO.

    FAI Group employs a full-time staff of 200 people, including 60 mechanics and engineers at its in-house MRO plus some 50 part time physicians and paramedics. FAI operates satellite offices in Dubai and Miami.

    FAI was the recipient of the Diamond Safety of Flight Award from the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) in May 2018 marking the highest safety recognition awarded by EBAA to member companies operating business aircraft for 50 years or 100,000 hours without an accident.


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