Accessible design

All images use alt tags for screen readers.

Accessibility keys

If you have special needs, or, if you have difficulty in using a mouse or pointing device, you can use accessibility keys. The keys have been implemented throughout the site. These allow users to navigate around the site using only their keyboard. A full list of the accessibility keys used on this site are as follows:

0 = Navigate to the Accessibility page
1 = Navigate to the Homepage
2 = Navigate to the Media Centre page
3 = Navigate to the Site Map
4 = Navigate to the Search page
6 = Navigate to the Help page
8 = Navigate to the Website Terms and Conditions page
o = Navigate to the Privacy Policy page
t = Navigate to the Trade Welcome page
p = Navigate to the Public Welcome page
n = Navigate to the About BIAS page
s = Navigate to the Sponsorship page

Accessibility key combinations on different web browsers

Using the accessibility keys, varies depending on the web browser.

The table below shows the Accessibility Key combinations for the major web browsers:

Operating System Browser Access key information
Windows Internet Explorer ALT + Access Key + ENTER
Windows Firefox SHIFT + ALT + Access Key
Mac OS X Safari CONTROL + Access Key
Mac OS X Firefox CONTROL + Access Key

Accessibility issues and comments

If you have any accessibility issues or constructive comments with our site we would like to know. Please contact us by following this link.

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